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Diaper Punishment Phone Sex With Crissy
June 23, 2016
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Our Day At The Park
June 25, 2016


Come on let’s take you to your nursery, as I grab your hand and lead you down the hallway to your  Adult baby nursery. I help you lay down on your changing table and I gently slide down your pants, and take off your plastic pants. Then I will undo the tapes of your diaper on both sides, and lift your legs up and fold down your Bambino teddy bears diaper. After that I am going to take a nice warm wipe and gently wipe you butt, then your balls. I am going to grab a new wipe and gently wipe your wee-wee in small circles, as I wipe I notice that your wee-wee is getting hard. Someone is getting all excited for mommy. What shall we do about this? Awww look someone is being shy ! I am going to lift up your legs again, and then suck on my finger, and then I am going to spread apart your but cheeks and slide one finger in your butt hole, and out. Repeating that over and over. Then I am going to remove my finger and add some diaper cream and some baby powder, and fold up your diaper and tape it on both sides. After reapplying your diaper I take my hand and tart rubbing the front of your diaper slow at first then picking up speed. If you would like to know what happened next call me for some Abdl Phone sex!



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