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Getting Mommy Pregnant
November 23, 2019
Sissification under duress There were babies playing a game while sitting down.
Forced To Be Diapered Sissy
December 19, 2019

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There are so many ABDL cuties who got the pleasure of having a Mommy around to take care of them and show them what being a big baby is all about. I think that is wonderful, but I can’t help but find my thoughts drifting to those little ones who never got to find out how amazing it is to be coddled and pampered by an ABDL Mommy! Just how many sweeties are out there who have never known the way that it feels to be wiped, powdered, and diapered up in a thick adult baby diaper by their loving mommy? I have seen for myself that when you open up those thick diapers and get to cleaning those bottoms up and getting a fresh diaper on them, those babies go nuts! The smiles and sounds that they make are just precious, and it does not take very long for them to start wigging around and kicking those little legs with excitement! Most of the little ones that I get to play with have known for most of their lives that they had a deep love for those diapers that they wear, or for being treated and living their life like the sweet babies that they are inside! It is hard to keep in mind sometimes that there are so many who have to hide or try and repress their desire to be diapered and babied. Beyond that, there are those who have never been diapered to know just how much they love it! Let me get my hands on them for long enough to tug those pants and undies down and I will have them powdered and diapered before they have time to think about what is happening. I guarantee that within moments of having that diaper taped up snug, there will be a big smile on that cute face!
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