A stinky diaper for adults He is on the ground and has his diaper on display.
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December 14, 2019
A Mummy Love was in a beautiful room.
Enter Your ABDL Nursery
January 20, 2020
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Sometimes turning your husband or boyfriend into a sissy baby really is the best option. If he not listening, being brash and arrogant, acting as though that dick between his legs gives him the clear ability to act first and not think at all, a healthy amount of humiliation can go far to changing that attitude for the better! A few laxatives and water pills that he doesn’t realize are in his food or drinks, a surprising need for diapers, and it will end up with him in frilly pink baby things. It will take some time, for sure, a steady stream of emasculation, but the end result will be just like I want. Patrick will be turned into Patsy and be the silliest baby girl that ever was! That dick becomes a clittie all tucked into a diaper, and it doesn’t get less manly than that. Ready for your own sissification? Call me for some sissy phone sex to get started!



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