He is a fetish man and is standing with a teddy bear and a baby suit.
Wake Up, Baby!
October 4, 2015
A gorgeous and sexy female is seated and she looks great. She displays her hot butts.
Anything Goes Phone Sex
October 9, 2015

abdl mommy candy

Mommy loves her diaper lover so much!! And Mommy knows after were through with our mommy phone sex session, you will be telling mommy how much you love her too! You have a special sort of bond with mommy don’t you? Well you know mommy loves her young man just as much! Maybe even more than daddy! But ssshhh, don’t tell your father about our special bonding time while he’s away on his business trips. Especially don’t tell him how you like to climb into mommys bed in the middle of the night and sleep with me. Although there really isn’t any sleeping going on to be honest! Especially when mommy feels that hard on poke out through your diaper against mommy’s leg. Mommy’s getting wet down there just thinking about playing inside that diaper of yours. With a little bit of incest phone sex you can be fucking your mommy just like daddy does!


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abdl mommy

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