Phonesex Babe Jenna
June 10, 2012
The Right Pacifier for the Right ABie
June 13, 2012

278 102 zoom ABDL BlogThat’s right this cute little pink diaper is just for this cute little sissy baby Minnie wanted to make sure she got the color that you love the best i and i knew it was Pink because thats your favorite color now is it not my diapered little sissy girl.

Oh you will look so adorable wearing nothing but this cute pink diaper while your outside playing with your friends then maybe we can get you all dressed up and take the stroller out then we can go to the park where all the other mommies and grannies take their babies might even have to do a diaper change.I think you will enjoy that best of all don’t you.Especially with these cute pink diaper pins to go along with it.



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