A sexy girl is laying in bed while wearing a soft-looking white diaper.
Fun With Baby Bottoms
September 11, 2015
He is a diaper lover and is wearing a white diaper while he lies on the bed.
Waking Up With MILF Barb
September 13, 2015

forced feminization

Well what do we have here? Is that my little pretty sissy slut I see! It sure is! What’s that poking out the back of your pretty dress? Are those the pink polka dot panties mommy got you from Victorias Secret for your birthday? Aww they look so cute on that cushioned little bottom of yours. Why don’t you lift that dress up for your mommy so she can get a better view! Aww, you have your pee pee tucked in between your legs just like a little girl! You want a pretty little pussy just like your mommy! Can you do a little curtsy in your panties for me? Oh just wait until all the boys get a look at you! They won’t be able to get enough of you! My sissy girl is going to be breaking lots of hearts with a mommy who really knows how to do some forced feminization!


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sissy training

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