Standing in the image is a lovely girl who appears hot and seductive.
No Taboo Phonesex
August 30, 2015
She is being shown her sexy diaper by a hot man who is sitting in bed.
A Messy Diaper
September 3, 2015


As my sweet aby lays on the table with his hands at his sides, waiting patiently for his very wet, poopy diaper to be changed by his loving Nanny, she decides to change things up a little.

She leans over him, her tits straining against the fabric of her shirt, and methodically undoes the safety pins on his diaper. The cute protectors on the ends of the pins keep her from pricking baby’s skin, and then takes care when folding the fabric back from his skin. He’s very wet and uncomfortable, so she gets right to work.

She puts rubber gloves on, and grabs a wipe to run over baby’s skin, being sure to get all the little bits of yuckiness and pay attention to every inch of his privates. He is clean, and exposed. She grabs the old diaper and tosses it in the laundry bin to wash later. Baby is smiling and is excited for his new diaper. But Nanny isn’t going to let baby have all the fun.

While baby likes cloth diapers, Nanny prefers pampers and grabs a fresh one from the package in the nursery. Just as baby starts to giggle and squeal with anticipation for his fresh diaper, Nanny slips off her heels and gingerly steps into the foot holes of the diaper and slowly pulls it up her legs…

Baby can’t believe what Nanny’s doing, but can’t wait to see what Nanny does next…


Call to find out what Nanny Rachel would do with you: 1*888*430*2010


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