She is posing as a fetish Sexy Boobs and donning a white costume for the picture shoot.
ABDL Christmas Sing a long
December 20, 2015
There are Christmas shows, gifts, and other decorations that make the season so festive.
Phone Sex for XXXmas
December 20, 2015
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BathTime With Mommy Crissy


I absolutley love ABDL playtime, but you want to know what this Mommy/diaper lover really loves? BATHTIME! Yes that’s right, I love giving my abdls their baths in the tub. Bathtime always makes my abdls in a great mood even if they’re cranky! I just stick their little hineys in the tub and they light up when I dump a bucket of their favorite bath time toys in there! Some of abdl’s like it with lots and lots of bubbles and some don’t want any at all but I do know one thing, they all love splashing and getting Mommy’s dress all wet and soapy! It’s almost like they want Mommy to get in the tub with them! Silly little adult baby Mommy can’t fit in the bath tub with you! So stay still and stop moving that little hiney so mommy can scrub my little abdl and make you squeaky clean before I put you in your fresh new diaper!




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