The gorgeous panties are on a Sexy Girl who is standing. For the photo session, she is standing.
ABDL Baby!
May 27, 2018
A lovely girl is standing in the restroom, showing off her sexy boobs while looking hot and seductive.
ABDL Birthday Surprise!
June 26, 2018

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When you first called me, posing and pretending to be a real ‘macho man’ looking for domination phone sex, it was a little adorable, sugar. You see, despite your best efforts we both know what you really are, don’t we? That after your wife is asleep at night, you can’t help but look for forced regression porn while you wank that little peanut you call a penis. Aww is that bottom lip of yours trembling now? Haha you really are a whiny adult baby who needs a strict abdl mommy to strip you down and remold you into the helpless little thing you deserve the rest of the world to see. I mean, that itty bitty baby cock isn’t getting any bigger, and you certainly seem to pout and whine like a baby. Let’s call it what it really is, your little pacifier! Like I said, I knew from the first moment you called that what you really needed was adult baby regression phone sex, no matter how you tried to pretend to be a big boy. Mommy Jackie is here for you, baby.


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