The woman in the bed appears hot and seductive as she sits there.
Mommy’s Diaper Baby
November 15, 2015
A chic woman wearing a smile is seated in front of the photo shoot and is sporting a white brace.
Pegging Bitch Chapter 3
November 15, 2015


You’ve been such a good baby lately that you deserve a special treat.  Mommy’s going to treat you so good today and make you happy.  We’ll start by changing your dirty diaper and putting a fresh one on, cleaning you up with warm clothes, rubbing the lotion into your bottom and special area and dusting you with powder.  Next the big, soft, comfy diaper will come out, the special kind with little trains on it.  Fasten it around your legs and give you a playful pat on the front.  Finally we’ll get out your fleecy, soft onsie and put you in it.  Let’s not forget your favorite binky and we’re set.  It’s a beautiful day out, so Mommy wants to take her baby for a walk.  I’ll strap you into your stroller, pull the sunshade so that the sun doesn’t bother you, and off we go.  Other mommies are walking their babies, but none are as adorable as mine.  I talk softly and sweetly to you as we go around the neighborhood.  You’re starting to fuss so I take you back home for your lunch.  We sit on the couch and I unbutton my shirt and offer your sweet, warm, delicious lunch to you.  You suck away, looking into my eyes.




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