The picture features a Bubble Bath Duck, which looks cute and was used in the photo session.
MILFy Mommy
November 15, 2015
Baby’s Day Out
November 15, 2015

diaper baby

Good Morning to mommy’s diaper baby!! You know How you are. You call mommy every morning to get that wet diaper changed. Then to have mommy Dress you up in your short blue dress with the pink bow in back. One mommy has you all dressed up and ready to play. It’s for mommy get dressed also. As you know while mommy is getting ready my sweet diaper baby needs to play with his toy’s and not watch mommy. LOL… Like that is going to happen we both know your going to look and we both know that Mommy is going to catch you watching me, And when I do you My naughty diaper baby is going to be punished. So do you like was you saw . I hope so because now it will cost you. NOW ITS TIME FOR YOUR PUNISHMENT CALL DOMMY MOMMY DIANA!!!


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