A lovely girl is standing in the restroom, showing off her sexy boobs while looking hot and seductive.
ABDL Birthday Surprise!
June 26, 2018
A hot-looking, sexy man is seated in the bed, and the diaper is soft.
Naughty Baby Punishment!
July 1, 2018

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Today is a great day for my adult baby diaper phone sex slave. After months of potty training, my aby is still can’t use the big boy potty. Even after Mommy Ava got a cute little potty chair for my adult baby, and put him in pull ups he still kept wetting the bed! What’s a Mommy to do? I think its time for mommy to improvise! Mommy Ava will have to start spanking aby.  Mommy is going to give you an over the knee spanking with her bare hands. Every time you pee or make messies in your diaper, Mommy will have to spank your bare bottom to teach you a lesson. If you start making Mommy’s hands hurt, I will spank you with a paddle or even a hair brush. It’s all too clear you need to be disciplined and diapered like a full time adult baby phone sex lover so that’s what Mommy Ava intends to do with you!



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