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April 5, 2012
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April 5, 2012
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ABDL Play Time With Mommy Lauren

"ABDL" "Adult Baby" "Diaper Fetish" "Diaper Lover"

All Adult Babies at one point or another like to play with their toys and they make sure they allow themselves a little ABDL Play Time. They love rattles, little cars, duckies, stuffed animals, and of course; the ever popular; building blocks. Now of course that short list does not include everything that a sweet, or bad, little Adult Baby can and will play with. However, I do realize that play is an important part of Adult Baby’s life, and Mommy should take part in that.

Sitting on the floor, watching the look of concentration as blocks are placed on top of each other. The loving way the doll’s hair is done. The excitement of a new toy truck to push around and make sounds with. Or a new coloring book to share with Mommy. Both of us laying on our tummy on the floor, you coloring on the adjoining page to mine. Then the huge smile when you have finished only to exclaim that you colored that for me!

I would love nothing more to receive a page from your coloring book to put on my Fridge! I will tell you what, you send me a colored picture and I will put it on my fridge, then upload a photo here on this blog of your art work that I took with my camera, so the whole world can see it! Isn’t ABDL play time with Mommy Lauren fun???

Mommy Lauren


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