Surprise strap on for hubby pt 3
December 24, 2015
She is posing as a fetish Sexy Boobs and donning a white costume for the picture shoot.
Pegging With Mommy Ava
December 26, 2015


Mommy Crissy  loves cold weather almost about as much as I love fetish phone sex. Cold weather is the best cuddling weather and this Mommy loves cuddling with her adult babies to get nice and warm and snug! It’s the absolute perfect time to just grab a warm blanket, one of my adult babies favorite story book get the rocking chair and start up a nice fire in the fireplace  and have some mommy and abdl bonding time and story time! Mommy will pull out her big lactating breasts for aby to nurse on while mommy reads to you your favorite bedtime stories! So grab your teddy and your favorite blankie and meet Mommy Crissy by the fireplace this holiday season and let me help give you everything your little adult baby heart desires!




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