Sweet Sissy
July 5, 2012
Pink Ruffles
July 11, 2012


This week I had a caller who went from potty training and enema play, to exploring the idea of being with another man. I think he’s open to the idea because he really likes anal play. He wants to open his anus up to the wonders of having a nice thick cock stretch and fill him. I like the way he thinks. I like having a nice thick cock to stretch and fill me, too. That’s the best part of diaper play, sometimes. I like to make a hole in the front of the diaper for Mr. Happy to poke through. And then Mr. Happy can poke me without ever having to come out of the diaper. I think that’s a pretty neat way to use my fetish and get busy with a diaper boy. I know my boys have some great ideas of their own. It’s a good thing I’m open to trying anything once. I’m also open to suggestion for new role play scenarios and ideas. If you’re reading this blog you know how to get in contact with me. I’m eagerly waiting to hear from you. josie 11 ABDL Blog

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