Standing there is a lovely girl who appears hot and seductive. She has large, beautiful boobs that resemble sharpes.
Diaper Lover Chronicles
February 1, 2016
Standing for the photo session, she is an adult who loves baby diapers.
Mommy Phone Sex
February 7, 2016

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I love getting stories sent to me from my callers! Here’s a hot femdom fantasy caller “A” emailed me. There’s multiple parts so be sure to check them out! She must have read my mind as she straddled my chest and leaned over to tease my lips with her nipples. My tongue darted out at them and she pulled them away. Lowering again till I could barely touch my lips to them, only to pull away again. Like a cat and a mouse. I cried out for her to let me love them. Finally she lowered down and let me take one into my mouth and caress it, worshipping it with my tongue. I was so hot and wet for her. Just wanting to please her. I reached up to touch her perfect C cup breast and she grabbed my hand stopping me. She leaned forward with her nipple still in my mouth and attached a cuff from the bed post to my wrist.
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