A sexy diaper has a beautiful appearance and looks hot.
The Cheerleaders Revenge – Part 2
January 31, 2016
Standing there is a lovely girl who appears hot and seductive. She has large, beautiful boobs that resemble sharpes.
Diaper Lover Chronicles
February 1, 2016

172036_7526407_180x_My adult baby knows exactly how to please mommy. Be a good baby and take good care of his mommy. After a full day of taking care of all of my baby’s needs, feedings, diaper changes, baths, play time with trips to the park, he knows that mommy has needs that only he can meet.  I take off his diaper and see that he is already rock hard, sometimes I play with it more, maybe licking and teasing it with my mouth and hands or maybe I just lay back and let him do all the licking and teasing. When he knows mommy is completely ready for him he will stick his huge cock inside mommy till I am screaming in delight and have had all the orgasm’s I need to have for the day, then I am ready for a long night sleep.  He is so good at what he does for mommy.  He and mommy will need to be together for a long long time. Call Tawny 888-430-2010VG1001-037

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