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June 8, 2012
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June 10, 2012
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Your Teddy Bear

Mommy Phone Sex

Is there anything better then snuggling up with your Teddy Bear for a phone session with Mommy? I love watching you, hold him close, as you try to talk around the paci in your mouth! You look so adorable!

I used to have my very own teddy bear when I was growing up, I called him Prissy Bear. I don’t think he was none to happy with that considering he was a boy. I was only 3 when I got him, so to me the gender of my snuggle bear was not important. My Daddy however, would always try to correct me. Again, I didn’t care, it was Prissy Bear that was the end of it as far as I was concerned.

I no longer have Prissy Bear due to my brother tossing him in a creek and then putting a bunch of mud and big rock on top of him. Poor Prissy Bear. Perhaps if I had named him “Mucho Macho Kick you in the Nads if you Bury Me In a Bunch of Mud Bear” he still might be with me today.

So give Me a call sometime, and get yourself all babied up and have a nice little Teddy Bear Phone Session with me, so I don’t miss my Prissy Bear so much.

Mommy Liz


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