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August 31, 2015
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September 5, 2015
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A Messy Diaper


You, my bad bad sissy boy, deserved to be punished. You’ve made me change you 3 times in the last hour. You’ve started whining again that your diaper is full, well you are just going to have to suffer.

Nope, no matter how you beg or bribe me I will not change you. In fact I will force feed you more to make that diaper dirtier.

Come here, baby. My breasts are swollen with sweet juicy milk and you are going to drain them dry. That’s right suck it all, every last drop.

I want that diaper so full it Beg all you want, I won’t change you until you’ve learned your lesson. I am the dommy mommy and you are just the weak adult baby.

I swat the squishy full diaper and love that disgusting sound. Yep, you’ll get changed when I am ready and not a second before.

Don’t abuse or use a dommy mommy- we always take control.

-Mommy Liz 888-430-2010



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