ABDL Halloween
October 24, 2015
In the picture, a pair of sexy pants are shown.
Bad Babysitter
October 25, 2015

Tawnys Diaper Diary

So as the weeks go by, I have begun to adjust to my new life as a married woman with a stepson, the realization of a diaper wearing, collage age stepson none the less.  I have not said anything to his father, nor does my stepson realise I know. Which for the time being I am keeping it that way.

I have to say in the days that followed that discovery, I was very curious about the diaper wearing? I needed to find out everything I could about it. I also have to admit that a part of me also wondered if I could use it to my advantage. What could I do with the knowledge? Part of me wanted to tell him I knew and play “mommy” with him, whatever that would lead to was a thrilling thought.  Another part of me wanted to use it against him and see what I could get out of him? Just how far could I go? I always had a secret fantasy of being dominate over a man or truth be told even a woman. Just the thought of it brought on all kinds of thoughts and fantasies. I guess I will take it one day at a time for now, but something tells me that my diaper wearing stepson hasn’t a clue what is in store for him either way.




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