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September 20, 2016
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October 15, 2016
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Spanking A Naughty Baby


I was babysitting a bratty ABDL this weekend, and it was a ton of work! He refused to do anything I said and kept throwing his food and even his toys everywhere. He was being such a little brat, I pulled him by his ear and dragged him over my lap and started spanking the bratty little until his bottom was bright red and almost bleeding. His ABDL Mommy said that was the only way to get him to behave, and it worked! I put him to bed and tucked him in, his cheeks still wet with tears from the pain. The next day, when I changed his diaper, I notice that his little bottom was completely purple with bruises! I put ointment on since he was behaving so well. He did everything I said without complaining or any sass at all. When his ABDL Mommy came back, he was still behaving well. I was so proud of him for listening, even though it took a bit of work.




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