In the picture, a pair of sexy pants are shown.
Bad Babysitter
October 25, 2015
An unclean diaper Additionally, it was white and kept on the floor.
Phewy! Someone has a stinky diaper.
October 25, 2015

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I see you peeking through the crack in the door when I am changing. I am so relaxed, enjoying my hot bath and the bubbles covering me mostly, but not completely of course! Mommy is very curvy, it would take a lot of bubbles to cover that up! I know you notice it, looking through the doorway while I wash myself, rubbing the slippery soap all over my nice big breasts and my toned body. I took the time to change you before I ran my bath water, and even then I could see you getting excited, that hardness starting to build between your legs as I wiped you clean and powdered you. Then when I dropped my towel and you saw my round rear sliding into the hot water, I know your knees got weak and your cock poked at the diaper. You’ll have made a mess of a different kind for mommy tonight, huh baby?




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