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Are You Painting Mommy A Pretty Picture?
September 11, 2016
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Diaper Phone Sex With Ms Ava
September 20, 2016


So the teacher called me to tell me you have been a very naughty Adult Baby girl at school! She had informed me that you have been flipping pencils off your desk! Your Abdl mommy is very disappointed in you Kita. You know better than that! Do you realize how dangerous that is? So here is what mommy is going to do I am going to give you 30 spankings with the paddle in diaper position! I want you to count out loud with every swat I give you! Then I am going to feed you some prunes and sweet peas as your punishment food! Also no cummies for 3 days! I also expect you to have an essay written and apology letter for the teacher! I hope you will learn your lesson because next time mommy will make your punishments 10 times worse! Now come and lay in mommy’s lap and I will breastfeed you and put you into bed with mommy. So call me for some abdl phone sex!



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