A hot woman is seated, flashing her large, scorching boobs, and it's really hot.
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January 17, 2016
A seductive girl is seated in bed while the lad lies there drinking the girl's milk.
Snow suit play!
January 20, 2016


I’m not sure if everybody’s time is similar but the first time I was in diapers was an interesting one. And having abdl-sex in them was even better.

My college boyfriend at the time was very spontaneous and loved to try new things.We had try almost everything when one night he said he wanted to try having sex in a diaper. He told me it was always a fantasy of his and because I wanted to please him I obliged.

I didn’t think I would love abdl-sex as much as I do now. After the diaper was on, he coaxed me on to the bed. I sucked his cock with the diaper on and I soon as he was hard, he cut a hole in the diaper and stuck it in. I loved the crinkling sound the diaper made with each of his thrusts. It felt so different and so naughty. And now I’m an abdl-mommy who loves diaper sex with her babies.



diaper sex

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