A gorgeous-looking attractive girl is standing and displaying a rear posture.
Humiliation Phone Sex
January 21, 2016
Drawing of a pair on torn paper that appears to be a breakup.
The Cheerleaders Revenge – Part 1
January 24, 2016

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It does not take much for this abdl mommy to get a huge smile on her face when she thinks about all of her sweet little ones! It should be pretty obvious by this point just how much I love getting to take care of my adult babies. They are usually so well behaved! I love it when my babies behave because that gives me the green light to go ahead and spoil them rotten! When they act up, I have to be stern with them and I much prefer snuggles and kisses! When I put my babies into the playpen while I go and tend to my diaper lovers, they never scream or cry. Instead, they play with each other and their toys quietly until I am done. I am so lucky to have the little ones that I do. They really make every day a joy for me!




milf mommy abdl adult baby diaper lover role play phone sex

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