A baby feeding bottle that was kept in front of the photo shoot was filled with pee.
Baby Food Feast
November 22, 2015
She is standing for the photo shoot and looks really stunning and sexy.
Mommy Loves Incest
November 24, 2015


Hello to the fetish phone sex community! This Mommy had a very great day yesterday! I got to hear from one of my adult babies that I haven’t gotten to talk to in a long time! I’ll call him D but he actually enjoys it more when I call him a poopy pamper boy! He loves to make a mess in his diaper and sit down afterwards in it so he can smoosh it around. Mommy always has to convince him to let me change his pamper! If it were up to him he would keep it on as long as possible! Well this Mommy doesn’t need her pamper boy getting a diaper rash so what I do is after I change him into a fresh diaper I put slices of bananas in his pamper so he can smoosh it around without the risk of diaper rash and without the smell which makes it easier for Mommy! So what do you prefer? Do you like to wear a soaked diaper or do you prefer when it’s messy and stinky? This abdl phone sex Mommy wants to know!





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