There are Christmas shows, gifts, and other decorations that make the season so festive.
Phone Sex for XXXmas
December 20, 2015
Surprise strap on for hubby pt 3
December 24, 2015

Hello my little Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers! Just a few days left until Christmas! For the record, I don’t think you need to celebrate “Christmas” to take advantage of the merriment it brings. I tend to avoid malls and crowds and heck, even the radio during the season so that I can still find delight in carols and decorations and more or less escape a lot of the uglier stuff.

One of my favorite things about the holidays in general is that it’s a chance to COOK! Anyone else love to cook? This gives you a chance to go all out and try new gourmet dishes and family favorites. This year we are trying leg of lamb with roasted root vegetables. Not as traditional but hopefully delicious!


What are you serving this holiday? And will all my Adult Babies  be pureeing it first??


Love and hugs,

Nanny Ella




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