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December 13, 2015
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December 19, 2015
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Baby Girl’s First Outing

After I trained my sissy to wear her new shoes, dress, stockings, underwear, and makeup, I decided that it was time to take her out in public for the first time. We went to the park by our house after I dressed her up all pretty in her nice new dress and new makeup, stockings, and shoes. I held her hand as I lead her out to they play area and walked over to all the other mommies waiting for their sissies and watching them play. I told her to go play with the other sissies, and she was a little shy at first, but eventually she decided that they other sissies looked like they were having fun and she wanted to join them. She had so much fun at the park and wasn’t nearly as embarrassed as she thought she would be. I can’t wait to bring my little sissy to the park next weak and watch her have fun.


—Barbie <3


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