She bares her boobs as part of a fetish
In Trouble pt 2
April 14, 2016
Standing there is a lovely girl who appears hot and seductive. She has large, beautiful boobs that resemble sharpes.
April 20, 2016

Awww… Just look at that cute little bottom… Mommy loves patting it when you walk by whether it is to check and see if that adult baby diaper is getting full, or just to hear the cute crinkly sound it makes when I do so. You are just precious! When I give that bottom a squeeze, I just cannot help myself from thinking about what is underneath that thick disposable diaper. Hehehe…A tight little bottom is what it is! I think that it has been entirely too long since mommy has taken her time with you and paid attention to that perfect little derriere. Come over to me and let’s get you bent over on the bed in front of me. Plenty of lube will be rubbed all over mommy’s strap-on and your tight little hole. Once you are slippery and ready to go, relax and mommy will be slipping up inside of you. Let your anal training begin.




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