A gorgeous female is sitting there, looking hot and seductive. She is posing for the picture.
A Day in the life of a Sissy Baby
January 4, 2016
Standing and sporting the seductive drees is a hot female.
Snuggle up!
January 5, 2016


So they have a cute new show on Netflix and I wanted to tell all my abdl family about it! It’s called F is for Family and I personally think it’s a little mixture of King of the hill and Family Guy. The dad is fat and old and works hard and the kids are always finding ways to get into trouble but what I absolutley adore is the neighbor kid they have on there! Hes not a main character but he pops in every now and then and he’s always wearing nothing but a t shirt and a diaper! It’s adorable too because he’s almost like 6 or 7 and wearing his sneakers with his diaper and tshirt! I swear I just wanted to scoop him up and take him home! It’s only in it’s first season but it really has a lot of potential! It’s on netflix you can’t miss it! What’s your favorite netflix show? I’d love to hear all about it especially if it’s an abdl show! Call Mommy Ava and tell me all about it!




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