Snowday with Mommy Barbie
November 18, 2015
Nanny Ella is waiting in her ABDL Nursery!
November 20, 2015
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One of my favorite things to do during adult baby phone sex is give spankings.

I like spanking for pleasure but I especially enjoy spankings as a punishment. I love to hear my little adult babies beg me not to spank their little bottoms. I bend them over my knee and pull down their pants. I love to give my babies hope that I’m going to be nice so I smack them through their diaper once or twice and then yank down their diaper and paddle their asses raw.

I love the sounds involved in spankings. A quick pop followed by a little squeal. My babies are not allowed to try to cover their bottoms while their getting spanked. They have to hold on to Mommy’s ankles; if they let go, they get another spank.

Once my babies have been spanked once, they are careful not to disobey Mommy again.





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