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December 27, 2015
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December 30, 2015
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Cloth or Disposable?


Ever hear the term paper or plastic? A lot of people have back in the day when they would bag their groceries most likely a store clerk has said that to them once or twice in their lifetime. Well I have my own little term. I call it cloth or plastic? Are you an adult baby that prefers to wear cloth diapers? Maybe you like the way they fit on you when they’ve been pinned just right? Sitting all nice and snug in your fresh cloth diaper. Or maybe you prefer a disposable diaper instead? One that’s nice and crisp and crinkly every time you waddle around in it. The padding certainly helps with leaks and let’s be honest a padded diapered bottom is absolutely adorable! Plus you can always add on the rubber pants on over them to make sure it really doesn’t leak anywhere. So which do you prefer in your abdl lifestyle? Are you a cloth fan or are you a disposable fan?
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