March 31, 2012

Spring Time In The ABDL Community

The ABDL Community is filled with all sorts of off shoots, and different levels of lifestyle enjoyment. Although I eat, sleep, and drink the ABDL lifestlye, this time of year makes me think of the two main groups within the ABDL Fetish. Those two are Adult Babies and Sissies. The reason for this is mostly the soft colors that are associated with Spring. You think of sunshine, happiness, warmer weather, flowers blooming, smiles and all the little ones enjoying days at the Park with Mommy. When you are a Mommy, and Spring Time rolls around, you think of dressing your tiny one in soft blues, pinks, yellows, pastel greens, pretty dresses, and just cute t-shirts and diapers. And who doesn’t like to see a fetish-tot running around in just a sweet dress, or t-shirt with their diapered bottom hanging out for all the world to see. Plus this also makes it much easier for Mommy to give your diapered hiney a pat here and there and hear that wonderful crinkle. Spring time is a wonderful time of year for everyone. But for Me it is the best within the ABDL Community! Love And Butterfly Kisses, Mommy Lauren 888.430.1020
March 30, 2012

An Easter Outfit for my Adult Baby

Not the bunny suit you were expecting…   I’ve been talking about it for weeks… how adorable you would look in a little bunny suit – long ears, white fur, little cotton tail, and a little pink bow sitting squarely on your neck.  How wonderful it will be to show you off to all my friends, gushing about what a cute bunny you will make.   Every time I would bring it up, you would turn a new shade of red.  You didn’t want to be paraded in front of my friends, especially in a bunny costume.  But you knew it would be far worse in the long run if you were to fuss and complain and try to wiggle your way out of the humiliation I was bound and determined to subject you to.  It’s not like you haven’t been paraded in front of them before, in full clad adult baby wear no less – right down to a diaper that I made you fill for all my friends to see.   So how bad could it be in a bunny outfit? How bad indeed…         The big day arrives and you are dumb-founded as the realization of what is about to happen washes over you.  You hear the soft murmurs of my friends as they file in, but you keep staring down at the bed, the “bunny suit” laid out carefully before you.  This is much worse then you could have imagined.   I pop my head in to check on your progress and say to you, “Hurry up honey, all our guests are arriving, and I can’t wait ‘til they see you in your sexy sissy bunny-slut outfit!  We have a lot of ‘special’ games we want to show you.”   How bad indeed, you think to yourself…     Happy Easter all you sissy sluts! Hope the Easter bunny brings you something extra special too ;)!     Lexus 1_888_430_2010
March 28, 2012

Adult Babies in Space

      The Phone a Mommies landed safely, the craft’s hatch opened. Mommy Sara walked out first to inspect the area in which they had landed. She spotted a playground across the way and saw a bunch of young men. Perfect she thought these men would serve us Mommies well, they will make perfect adult babies. She rushed back to the craft to inform all of the other Phone a Mommies. They set their plan in motion and the ABMommies followed each one of them home and once nighttime fell they made their move. One by one each young man was beamed up into the craft. The spaceships AB Nursery was all ready, the Mommies were glowing with pride, the young men still a little sluggish from the hypnotic state they had been placed under. The young men were quickly changed into diapers, adultbaby pj’s and dresses, footies and mittens, bonnets and pacis and fastened into their cribs. The Phone a Mommies were all set for take off, counting down 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 the craft launched shotting off into space the young men now adultbabies began to call out. The Phone a Mommies ran into the AB Nursery, they knew their adultbabies must have woke up with heavy diapers and hungry tummies. They were very fussy, but the Mommies were very capable of pacifying them. Some adult babies got spanked, some were made to stay in their dirty diapers, others drank from mommies breast very joyfully and still others played happily calling us “Mama”. The Mommies of course were ecstatic it was indeed a rewarding alienaby abduction. The space journey was a success, and the AB Mommies sat with their adult babies in space singing and planning for the next fun adventure! Mommy Sara 1_888_430_2010 YIM: phonemommysara  
March 27, 2012

abdl sex stories

I could tell you some abdl sex stories . Stories of pretty mommies and a lot of naughty one’s. How mommy once caught him kissing a picture of her with his hand down the front of his diaper. Some long summer night’s where mommy takes him over her knee and paddle’s him as he smiles big and bright into the night. Stories of mommy’s that wear diapers and like to take diapers off as they get down and dirty with the abies. Sultry and sweet mommy will do anything you want her to do and then some. We can have a party or just a quiet little night at home with one another under the covers. Mommy lives to read her little one a story and play with you too. What fun we can have, you bouncing on my knee. Mommy will give you a nice bath and you can even bring your favorite rubber duckie. So give me a call 1 888 430 2010 or feel free to get a text session thoes are very nice as well. I will look forward to talking with you in some shape or form. Crissy!!!
March 27, 2012

AB/DL Phone Sex Escapade

  Mommy Sophia is here waiting for your AB/DL Phone Sex Escapade. I am a very erotic and sensual mommy. I take pleasure in the small things, like hearing your diaper when you play with yourself.  Can you hear the noises it makes as I fasten it securely around you?  Can you smell the fresh scent of baby powder on your skin while you move your hand up and down? Mommy Sophia wants you to revel in the sensations of always being horny and being able to talk to me about whatever you want no taboo. This is what AB/DL Phone Sex Escapade is all about… Let me fulfill your fantasy! Mommy Sophia 1*888*430*2010
March 23, 2012

Wake up Adult Baby Susie Parody

Wake up, Abie Susie, wake up Wake up, Abie Susie, wake up We’ve both been sound asleep, wake up, little Susie, and weep Your late for school, you’ve wett the bed, and diapered you need to be. Wake up Abie Susie Wake up Abie Susie, well Whatta we gonna tell your mama Whatta we gonna tell your pa Whatta we gonna tell your friends when they sēē “your wettspots” Wake up Abie Susie Wake up Abie Susie, well I told your mama that you wouldn’t wett and then, We feel asleep and forgot to cloth and pin, Now your sheets are soaked, looks like we goofed again! Wake up Abie Susie Wake up Abie Susie, we gotta diaper you! Wake up, Abie Susie, wake up Wake up, Abie Susie, wake up This sitting jobs gotten really out of hand, both our bottoms may end up more than tanned. We fell asleep, your sheets are soaked, looks like I may get canned! Wake up Abie Susie Wake up Abie Susie, well Whatta we gonna tell your mama Whatta we gonna tell your pa Whatta we gonna tell your friends when they sēē “your wettspots” Wake up Abie Susie Wake up Abie Susie Wake up Abie Susie, we need to diaper you! (disclaimer, I do not own nor claim rights to the orignal works for this song, rights credited to the Everly Brothers; written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant 1957) Mixing it up with Mandy 1_888_430_2010
March 22, 2012

ABDL Phone Mommy

I take great pride in being an ABDL Phone Mommy to the ABDL, Sissy, LG, and LB community. I have been one for a very long time. I enjoy every aspect of the Fetish and the lifestyle. I especially enjoy the conversations I have on the phone with all of you. I strive to be the best Mommy you have ever come across. I want to be the picture perfect Mommy. Unfortunately nobody, and I do mean nobody, is perfect. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try my hardest to be that for you. I make sure I give you my full attention as well as listen to any suggestions or role-plays you wish to do. Then we are off on an adventure! All you have to do is close your eyes and listen to me give you what you want. And what type of lil one wouldn’t want to get everything they want? The next time you are looking to spend some relaxing time with an ABDL Phone Mommy remember me. I want to be your one and only Picture Perfect Mommy. All My Love, Mommy Lauren 888.430.2010
March 21, 2012

Adult Baby Easter Basket

Ahh, spring time – such a wonderful time of the year.  The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom, and everything is once again anew.   And with spring time comes Easter – so many preparations to make.  There are eggs to color, Easter dresses to shop for (oh yes, sissies, you will be going to the department store with mommy to try on dresses for Easter), the planning of the annual Easter egg hunt, and of course Easter baskets to stuff. Now chocolates and sweets are all good and fine, but too much is not good for my little adult baby’s stomach, not to mention those sissies who are watching their waist line, hehe. So to that endeavor, I’ve come up with my top-ten list of non-sweet treats to go in an Abie’s Easter basket:   1)          Diapers – well of course! Every adult baby needs diapers, don’t they! 2)          Plastic panties – some new plastic panties in spring colors and prints are always a good item 3)          Pacis – one can never have enough nukis, now can they. 4)          Onsies – with the warmer weather coming, all little ones need a few more onsies to frolic and play in the sun 5)          Plushie – who can have enough soft cuddly friends? 6)          Coloring book/crayons – a classic, tried and true (who doesn’t like to color? Plus it is a quiet activity to occupy a little one while trying to get some things done) 7)          A new bottle/sippy cup – now we mommies know you can never have enough bottles and sippy cups, can we?  They always have the cutest Easter printed items for the holiday 8)          Bubbles – an assortment of bubbles and bubble wands is a staple to mark the warmer weather and outside fun 9)          Hot wheels for baby boys/ Hair barrettes and bows for those pretty sissies 10)     A new bed time storybook – always a special quiet time for mommy and her little one to share together   So there you have it – my top ten non-sweet treats for adult babies and sissies alike to enjoy in their Easter basket.     Mommy Maggie 1_888_430_2010