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August 29, 2015
No Taboo Phonesex
August 30, 2015
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Mommy Liz will help you

adult babyI love all my adorable adult babies. I love the boys, girls, transsexuals and men who just like to dress like little girls. My toughies and my sissy boys. My heart is just full from loving you all so much.

I enjoy being a soft and dommy mommy. Helping my big babies cum though is one of the most enjoyable parts. Sometimes it involves bondage or other restraints, or breastfeeding or my hand down your diaper, but no matter how it happens it’s great.

bondage baby

I watch your face as you get closer and closer and the moment you cum that overwhelming pleasure is amazing. When I’m mommying little girls sometimes I have to use toys or my mouth but little girls are always so cuddly after mommy helps them. When I mommy little boys they want it again and again, greedy babies.

I  have such a soft heart, though that I give it again and again. Can’t get enough of leasing my babies.

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