February 1, 2009

Tea Time

Cum little one let’s get you ready for our guest. We have to put some panties and a training bra on you and put you in this frilly dress. That’s my little sissy come and help Mommy serve tea. Won’t you do a little dance for our guest dear? Make sure to give us a glimpse of those panties. You are making Mommy so hot watching you do your little spins and showing off your cute little diapered bottom. Mommy Sara 1-888-430-2010
May 29, 2008

diapers for strangers

    From the minute I saw him I could picture him as a baby. Those beautiful long lashes and his sweet dimples. I just wanted to walk over to him and say “excuse me, but you are too cute, you’re going home with me.” Then reality and common sense came back and I realized I already have the perfect abie. I don’t think it means I can’t look and appreciate the adorable guys I see that I want to diaper. I would say my abie still thinks of getting spanked by other women. Wait; he does, when he has sitters. Hmmm maybe I should have approached that guy.   Scarlet