August 15, 2010

A Perfect Day

What would your perfect day be? Would it be just relaxing?  Starting a vacation?  Being with the one you love?  I think mine would have to be spending the day with friends and a very special someone who I love very much.  Maybe go to the beach, or go window shopping, or watch a movie with them.  There is something so wonderful about being with someone you are totally in love with.  Your heart beats faster, your face hurts from smiling and you laugh a lot.  It just makes life so much better.  So that would be my perfect day, what would be yours? Jenna 1-888-430-2010
May 9, 2010

Saying I Love You

How do you tell someone you love them when you can’t find the words? It’s difficult to tell someone those three simple words, such small words with so much meaning. Everyone wants to hear those words, and know that the person behind them actually does. Love is a funny thing, it can make you feel incredible or make you feel sick with hurt. One emotion that can take you the highest you have ever been, where you need oxygen just to breath, or the lowest you have ever ventured, where you feel the flames of despair and pain. They are powerful and spectacular words all rolled into one phrase. So how do you do it? How do you look into someone’s eyes and whisper those three words knowing you are about to change not only your future but another’s life as well? Ella 1-888-430-2010