June 24, 2012

Age Regress with Mommy Sara

I long to coddle all my adultbabies, rocking them gently in Mommy’s arms. I long to imagine us together in a fairy tale land and regressing them back in time. Trees shaped as lollipops, snakes that look like gummy treats, fluffy clouds that can be touched and snuggled upon. I long to lie on the grass and just play the day away, with no pressures or time constrictions. I long to just gaze up into the night sky and look upon the stars with no care of tomorrow or yesterday. I long to escape into the magical mysterious world of Unicorns, Fairies, Castles and Majestic Beauty. I long for the day of complete childish behavior and acceptance of who we are. I long to see the stress of today melt away with a loving touch of Mommy’s hands. I long to exploring the magic my adult baby running about in their diapey, with candy sticky lips, sweet kisses for Mommy and with not a care in the world. I long to regress to that special place with my special someone. Mommy Sara 1_888_430_2010