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January 21, 2011
January 22, 2011
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Down the Diaper Isle

diaper isle


Confusing, isn’t it? The diaper isle – it’s a little like going down the rabbit hole. There are so many styles and brands and sizes to choose from. One doesn’t know where to begin. There there little one, it will be ok. All you need is a little help. Just go right up to the sales lady and tell her your problem. That your mommy sent you to get diapers and you are not sure what kind to get. Tell her how often you wear them, and how often you wet them. How long you have to sit in a wet diaper, and what type of activities you are engaging in when wearing them (i.e. playing, sleeping, running around. What did you think I meant?); if you will be making a stinky mess in it or not. Then she can direct you to the best diapers suited for you. And maybe if you are a good baby, she will help you pick out the best wipes and diaper rash ointment for you as well, teeheehee.




Mommy Gina

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